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Research Education

At JMEIT, we want that researchers should know everything in sufficient details before writing a research paper. At early stage of research work for researchers it becomes hard to get the right things at the right time, many times discussions with peers would lead them into plagiarism, which is not at all tolerable in research work. Researchers should go for original and quality research work, which would help them in life forever, there is no shortcut for success. At JMEIT, we are providing systematic help for the researchers in the form of various topics such as writing synopsis, making hypothesis, choosing topics, statistical software used in data analysis, and many more. As we grow, there will be enough material for the researchers to get the things done majorly on their own, in this section we also invite the articles, methods or procedures to do various test like f-test, z-test, chi-square, Likert scale etc. from the users or experts for the beneficiary of all the users.

Initial - Middle Phase of Research

The initial phase of research work - that can be started from searching matter after getting registered in Ph.D. programme in some University. In this phase the researcher’s finds many related un-related articles, while searching on Internet, papers and books, many of them are related and give support to the work. Initial phase is also related to set the hypothesis and synopsis. As per the UGC Guidelines Read more...

Middle - Final Phase

In this phase the researchers are going to do many things related to the research work such as finding more matter related to the topic, like narrow down the search and concentrating on the relevant facts only, publishing research papers related to their work, attending various conferences and seminars to develop new concepts etc. in this phase we would like to mention the two varieties of researchers like one those who are not engaged in the academic work or just completed their post-graduation like fresher’s and those who are associated with some universities or colleges and having some experience and want to grow and prove themselves.

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Various Software Used in Data Analysis

In this phase of research work, user got many data like primary and secondary data related to his/ her research work. After migrating from Initial- middle phase the researcher analyses the received data from various sources to test the hypothesis and give the result. To do this activity and to save time and to minimize the human calculation errors different kinds of software’s are used to perform the various tests life f-test, z-test, chi-square, Likert scale. These software’s are fast and accurate in giving the results with different graphical impressions of the given data. But before using the software’s user need to do the ground work collecting the data, summarizing data, entering the data into various software fields, choosing the relevant tests, consulting the Ph.D. Guide.

List of the softwares Used:


2. Minitab 16


4. Stata SE 10

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Research Knowledge Spreading:  We are giving each and every possible information on research related things on continious basis, we would also like to welcome all the authors, researchers and faculties who are expert in the area to contribute the step by step solving process on various tests with various statistical software. We would like to add them in this section with their proper credentials. 

Subject Experts: Various subject experts are invited and welcome to share their area of specialization and other details, so that the knowledge of research education and be shared with a pace. Many people want to consult on a same topic to many experts but due to geographical limitations sometimes it is no possible, however Internet is there to help but in the huge sea of information it is quite tedious job to dig out related information.    

Please mail to: with subject line "Subject Expert" or "Research Knowledge".

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