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Middle - Final Phase

Welcome Researchers ! to the most critical part of the research cycle. In this phase the researchers are going to do many things related to the research work such as :

1. Fact Finding. 

2. Narrow down the search, the "hourglass" notion of research.

3. Publishing research papers related to their work. 

4. Attending various conferences and seminars to develop new concepts etc. 

The major components in a causal study:

  • The Research Problem
  • The Research Question
  • The Program (Cause)
  • The Units
  • The Outcomes (Effect)
  • The Design

By the time the course work as mendatory by UGC in India is over or very close to it. This is the time for the researchers to put their work in the form of research report depends on the university first or second, if it is in later stage of middle phase.

Building networks : Effective networking will maximise your opportunities to share knowledge, ideas and opinions about the topic.

Today we have ample resources to communicate and share subject matter with other researchers or friends who can help. Online resources and social media sites like facebook etc. can give good support.

Many online research sites are also there to help researchers, many of them are giving survey form, customized questionnaire, generating links to the questionnaire and helping out in understanding results with graphic options.

Formatting of research report:

It may be differ at various universities, here it is for hint.
    Title Page
    Abstract (on a separate single page)
    The Body
    Introduction (2-3 pages)
    Methods (7-10 pages)
    Sample (1 page)
    Measures (2-3 pages)
    Design (2-3 pages)
    Procedures (2-3 pages)
    Results (2-3 pages)
    Conclusions (1-2 pages)
    Tables (one to a page)
    Figures (one to a page)

Ethics in Research:  

Ethical issue in any research procedure is must many organizations are doing research work or conducting the same through experts to increase the market and target new market segment. Ethical standards require that researchers not put participants in a situation where they might be at risk of harm as a result of their participation. Harm can be defined as both physical and psychological. Almost all research guarantees the participant’s confidentiality, they are assured that identifying information will not be made available to anyone who is not directly involved in the study. In a research study following the ethics will give rise to unbiased result that will generate more accurate results to take decisions.

How to write thesis:

comming soon...