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Final - Software phase

In this phase of research work, user got many data like primary and secondary data related to his/ her research work. After migrating from Initial- middle phase the researcher analyses the received data from various sources to test the hypothesis and give the result. To do this activity and to save time and to minimize the human calculation errors different kinds of software’s are used to perform the various tests life f-test, z-test, chi-square, Likert scale. These software’s are fast and accurate in giving the results with different graphical impressions of the given data. But before using the software’s user need to do the ground work collecting the data, summarizing data, entering the data into various software fields, choosing the relevant tests, consulting the Ph.D. Guide.

Softwares Used: There are many softwares used to analyze the data obtained from various methods like surveys, questionaires etc. the data is feeded into desired software to get the result after putting the relevant tests on data. A few of most commanly used softwares are as follows: 

1. SPSS              2. Minitab 16    3. XLSTAT                             4. Stata SE 10     5. SAS            6. JMP  Software            7. MATLAB    8. STATISTICA

10. STATCRUNCH  11. GenStat   12.  iNZight --free []     13.   R-Commander / R-Studio , R is free as well as open source |  

There are other packages such as Genstat, Fathom and TinkerPlots, aimed at different purposes.

JMP® Software:

SAS created JMP in 1989 to empower scientists and engineers to explore data visually. Since then, JMP has grown from a single product into a family of statistical discovery tools, each one tailored to meet specific needs. All of our software is visual, interactive, comprehensive and extensible. 

JMP® Pro Sophisticated techniques for advanced analytics

JMP Pro is the advanced analytics version of JMP that lets you use the data you have now to better anticipate the future and plan well for tomorrow. Built with scientists and engineers in mind, JMP Pro statistical analysis software from SAS provides all the superior visual data access and manipulation, interactivity, comprehensive analyses and extensibility that are the hallmarks of JMP, plus a multitude of additional techniques. 

JMP® Genomics A unique pedigree: visual discovery and analytics Whether you’re working in agriculture, pharmacogenomics, biotechnology, or other areas of genomic research, JMP Genomics provides comprehensive tools to analyze rare and common variants, detect differential expression patterns, understand NGS data, discover reliable biomarker profiles, and incorporate pathway information into your analysis workflows.

JMP® Clinical Reduce risk, predict outcomes JMP Clinical software from SAS simplifies data discovery, analysis and reporting in clinical trials, bringing greater efficiency and accuracy to studies of safety and efficacy data at every phase of the drug development process: pre-clinical, clinical and post-market.

The next question is how to choose the correct test for the data. Click the link to see. Here are some examples how to use different type of test in SPSS.