Journal of Management Engineering and Information Technology

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Call for Papers


Journal of Management Engineering and Information Technology, invites quality research papers for publication in the upcoming issue. JMEIT is a multidisciplinary journal, it gives equal opportunity for publishing manuscripts from Management Engineering and Information Technology stream. World market is growing at rapid pace and the research work is also required at the same pace, now a days, all universities are having research cell and students and researchers are doing their best to get the new research aspects. to explore more please go through the individual sections the list of topics are just for having the glimpse of the subject matter, other areas may be included but must be relevant.

Important Dates for JMEIT Vol. 8 Issue - 5, OCT 2021

Last date of submitting papers- 15th OCT 2021

Acceptance Notification- Within a week of submission of paper

Last Date of submitting Final Copy of Manuscript and Copyright form etc. - 20th OCT 2021

Publishing of Issue- Last Week of OCT 2021

All papers will go through blind - review and reviews comment will make the research paper better in respect of putting the quality input in the areas of the research work done. We are focusing on these areas (but not limited to) the following topics:


Management is the need of the hour, every sucessful multinational has a strong management. To explore more in this area here  is the list of some topics, but as we know it is a growing field we can not limit the topics.

1. Asset Management
2. Banking
3. Business Ethics
4. Business Intelligence
5. Commerce Economics
6. Corporate Social Responsibility
7. Data Analysis
8. Database Management
9. E-commerce
10. Entrepreneurship
11. Finance
12. Financial Planning
13. General Management
14. Health Care Administration
15. Hotel Management
16. Human Resource Management
17. Information Practices
18. Insurance
19. International Business
20. International Business
21. Knowledge Management
22. Logistics
23. Marketing
24. Negotiations and Competitive Decision Making
25. Non-Profit Organizations
26. Operations Management
27. Organizational Behavior and Theory
28. Organizational Development
29. Organizational Management
30. Production Management
31. Project management
32. Public Administration
33. Purchasing/ Materials Management
34. Quality Management
35. Risk Management
36. Rural Management
37. Strategic Management
38. Supply Chain Management
39. Technology/Innovation
40. Tourism and Hospitality


In engineering we have many branches like Electrical, Electronics, Mechnical, Chemical, Information Technology, Computer Science etc.

It is not quite possible to list all the topics of each branch but few of them are listed below for guidence.

1. Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
2. Broadband, Mobile and Wireless Internet
3. Coastal Engineering
4. Computational and Artificial Intelligence
5. Computational Mechanics
6. Computer Architecture
7. Computer Networks
8. Construction Technology
9. Corrosion and Reliability
10. Data Communications
11. Digital Communication and Security
12. Digital Electronics
13. Digital Signal Processing
14. Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
15. Distributed and Parallel systems
16. Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
17. Graph Theory in WAN and Sensor Networks
18. Heterogeneous Networking
19. Latest trends & Developments in Networks Management
20. MIMO and OFDM Technologies
21. Mobile networks & Wireless LAN
22. Multimedia networking
23. Network Architectures, Operations and
24. Network Protocol, QoS and Congestion
25. Network Security and Issues
26. Next Generation Internet
27. Next Generation Network Architectures
28. Peer to Peer network
29. Power Electronics and Power Drives
30. Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
31. Production Engineering
32. Routing, switching and traffic engineering
33. Satellite communication and broadcast systems
34. Ubiquitous and Grid Computing
35. Vehicular Communications

Information Technology

Information Technology is a stream which has

been widely used in many areas of Business, 

Management and Engineering. To explore more 

and its practical usage, here is the list of 

suggested but not limited topics.

1. Advanced Database
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Bitcoin
4. Cloud Computing
5. Computational and Artificial Intelligence
6. Computer Architecture
7. Computer Networks
8. Cryptography
9. Cyber Crime Investigation
10. Cyber Security
11. Data Communication and Networking
12. Data Management
13. Data Mining
14. Database Security
15. Cyber Laws
16. E-Learning
17. Embedded systems
18. ERP
19. Information Practices
20. Information Technology
21. Information theory Quantum computation
22. Knowledge Management
23. Mining Data, Text, and the Web
24. Mobile computing
25. Multimedia DB's
26. Nanotechnology
27. Network Attacks
28. Networks and Systems
29. Operating Systems
30. Parallel and Distributed Computing
31. Penetration Testing
32. P2P Networking
33. Reconfigurable computing Sensor networks
34. SAP
35. Social Networking
36. Wireless Networks

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